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Our Architect who loves to build simple and beautiful things.

Our core business covers the complete spectrum of buildings, construction and we are recognized as an expert in utilizing state-of-art technology in our markets. 

Our Services

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A designer who loves to build simple and beautiful things.SSI provides a full range of surveys to clients across all our business sectors and operating areas. We apply an desired blend of experience and technical rigor to deliver accurate and effective results that meet the highest national and international standards. Our key services in Surveying and Preparation of Reports consists of:

  • Topographical Surveys Detailed project report (DPR)
  • Traffic and parking surveys Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Ground Penetration Records (GPR)


SSI innovative thinking ensure that the client stays topnotch in today's competitive market. Our lean & TQM philosophy permits our planners, technical teams, and managers to work cooperatively to eliminate risk and deliver an "amazing" outcome. Our key services in Design consists of:

  • Road and Bridge design 
  • Conceptual design of residential and commercial buildings 
  • Structural designing 
  • Designing of substructures 
  • Interior designing 
  • Steel structures design 
  • Traffic signal designing 
  • Conceptual design of parking lots, urban spaces office, and open spaces 
  • Layouts planning 
  • City Sanitation and Drainage design

Contracting & Execution

A designer who loves to build simple and beautiful things.We have the proficiency of dealing in construction and execution of projects. SSI’ s design-build processes are designed to save time and money for our clients while producing the best results possible. Our key services in Contracting and Execution services consists of:

  • Roads, bridges and drainage works 
  • Residential and commercial buildings Substructures 
  • Interior works 
  • Parking lots, urban spaces office and open spaces 
  • Steel structures 
  • Traffic signals and junction development works 
  • Landscaping and layout developments

Project Management

One facet of how our customers have come to trust in the estimates and final results of our construction is through SSI's dedication to detail and management at each step in the process. We assist every client’ s schedule and quality requirements with “hands on, ” constant communication with the field for effective production and job management. Our key services in Project Management services consists of:

  • Project planning and scheduling 
  • Project coordination 
  • Cost management 
  • Risk management 
  • Team and task management 
  • Supervision, monitoring and cost control 
  • Inventory management 
  • Quality assurance and quality control 
  • Negotiating and financial advice to owners and contractors 
  • Contracts management
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